Fairy Tales from The UAE and Hungary

Year 2018

Event details

Fatima Bint Hazza Cultural foundation alongside with Hybrid Art management, a leading organization in Budapest for arts and culture, organized an illustration contest. The idea behind the illustration contest was to find the difference in cultural perspectives and to employ art as a universal language in reaching between two cultures: The Emirati and the Hungarian.

The contest called for Emirati artists to illustrate a folkloric Hungarian fairytale, the Magically Beautiful Reed, while the Hungarian artists had to illustrate the Emirati fairytale Al Badeeha. Hungarian artworks were submitted and showcased at Budapest’s Art Moments Festival – a leading festival in arts attracting all European and international art enthusiasts. They will also be showcased at Abu Dhabi Art. Emirati artworks will be showcased at the foundation’s booth in Abu Dhabi International book fair and in the next edition of Budapest’s fair. 

The artworks submitted reveal a very interesting underlying cross-cultural translation that sheds the light of how one interprets the environment of the other through the illustration of the people, the color palettes used, and many other artistic factors.