Year 2018

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An initiative aimed at engaging students in the UAE with the global challenges faced by children worldwide in getting education. To resonate, our first step was to host Documentary Film Maker Pascal Plisson, and launching a mass film screening campaign of his movie ‘On the Way to School’ across different schools in the UAE where the youth had the chance to interact with our guest and open their eyes (and minds) to the misfortunes of others.

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Next we curated a panel discussion with our guest speakers, Muy Cheng Peich, Director of Education at Libraries without Borders along with Pascal, Ministry of Education in conversation with Executive Director Maysoon Barber to discuss different topics in the educational landscape today in the light of issues such as refuge, crisis, technology and experience. A big thank you to the UAE Ministry of Culture, our distinguished guests and most importantly to our UAE youth for supporting our mission and helping us realize ‘Battle for Education’ Initiative and making it a success.

Panel Discussion

Lastly, The Run: