Students Challenge to defy floods

Sep - Dec 2020


Fatima bint Hazza Foundation launches with multi stakeholders Battle for Education II: An initiative with the objective of raising youth’s awareness on struggles to access education due to climate change. Awareness is planned through a challenge open to Architecture students in the UAE during Fall 2020. The objective was to engage UAE youth in proposing sustainable solutions for developing communities impacted by floods and rising water levels.

The competition was integrated into the Fall 2020 curriculum for students of architecture at AUS, UAE University in Al Ain and Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai. Over 15 weeks, the students were required to brainstorm, research and employ design thinking towards an efficient, resourceful and easy-to-implement floating school that will function both as a boat as well as a classroom for students in flood-impacted areas of Bangladesh, while proposing solutions to elevate the living conditions of vulnerable communities.